Five Ways to Go Eco-Green Friendly in Your Apartment

Here are five ways to make your apartment an eco-friendly place:

  1. The first thing you should always do is take into consideration the location of your apartment and make it as convenient to your occupation and also the places you go to on a regular basis, so that you could walk or ride a bike. You will be helping the environment and your heart from all the exercise you would be getting.
  2. Several of us tend to get into the habit of turning the lights or television on the moment we get home. We usually do it because we like the noise in the background and the lights to feel warmth of security. Try going without it for a while. When coming home, instead of turning on your lights, open some blinds or curtains. Plus you’ll be amazed at how much more calming it is, without having the T.V. blaring.
  3. One thing that everyone has trouble putting into there daily routine, is there use of water. Spending less time in shower (low-flow showerhead on your taps are recommended), turning the water off while you brush your teeth, don’t use hot water for your laundry are just some things you should take into consideration. Cold water works just as great and only run your washer machine and dishwasher with a full load.
  4. Something that everyone uses carelessly is plastic bags. They continue to be one of the worst things for the environment. People have stockpiles of things they collect in their garages and storage bins that are covered in plastic bags that will never be used, and eventually end up discarded someplace. At the very least, try to reuse them as much as possible. When you do decided to throw them away, be sure to recycle them.
  5. Of course, one thing that has grown to be given in most cases, however, this is also a key contributor to bad pollution. Smoking is a threatening habit and it ends up affecting other people. Second-hand smoke is a main indoor air pollutant and extreme health hazard. There are always alternatives to helping you quit smoking. Such as “the patch” and a product known as “Ecigarette”.

It is important to making your home a better environment, for yourself and for others. Try to stay optimistic in everything you choose to do to becoming eco-friendly.

Green Eco-Friendly Laptops

Apple has done it again, by creating something spectacular, even though everything they create is notorious in every way. They are the new ‘Green Notebooks’. No they are not really green laptops. They are the hottest laptop known to be Eco-Friendly. They are highly recyclable and have even more energy then other laptops offered by Apple. These incredible notebooks are being sold everyday, for there sleek style and their friendly environmentally status.

Apple has worked extremely hard to eliminate the numerous toxins that are primarily used to manufacture notebooks. They have also done this with other green products of there’s such as: MacBook computers, iPod touch, iPod Classic, iPhone 3G, and the iPod nano. In addition to the removal of toxins, this infamous laptop is completely recyclable and every material within this notebook can be reused in other products for recycled aluminum and glass. Both of which are very wanted by recyclers whom use it to their advantage on other products.

When people found out that this amazing laptop is free of toxins and is also 100% recycled material they were anxious to get there hands on it, especially when they found out that it is more energy efficient which uses less electricity.

This miraculous notebook could be used by anyone for anything! This 17-inch MacBook Pro has a longer lasting battery. Most laptop batteries are known to be replaced every year or two, which means more batteries, will be used and thrown out. However, the battery that is in the MacBook Pro last up to five years!

Most people don’t even think of new ways to help their environment, ways to living green and preventing pollution of the things they buy. Whether it is recycling their garbage, prevent smoking, using recycled shopping bags rather then plastic bags or even discussing the bad effects it has upon our world. Maybe since it is a new generation of a virtual world; environment friendly technology is the best result to making a difference and explaining ways to becoming ‘eco-friendly’.

Volcanic Eruptions and Their Effects on the Local Environment

During the last couple of weeks, the Redoubt Volcano in Alaska, Semeru Volcano in Indonesia and the Chaiten Volcano in Chile have seen considerable volcanic activity.В  Mild earthquakes and some seismic activity were seen in the areas the volcanoes were located.В  Every year potential eruptions are being monitored in order to save lives and better understand volcanic eruptions and its effects on the environment.

Scientists already know that huge volcanic eruptions have a considerable effect on the global climate.В  Huge and destructive eruptions actually help cool temperatures around the world.В  However, due to global warming eruptions during the last 2 decades has had little or no effect on the climate.

In 1816 for example, a year after Indonesia Tambora volcano erupted, there were crop failures in Europe and the United States.В  Tambora caused the temperature to drop considerable especially in the higher latitudes.В  Tree rings were also considerable thinner suggesting that trees tend to grow thinner when the temperature rises.

Aside from causing climate change by cooling temperatures around the world, volcano eruptions also cause havoc on the immediate vicinity where they are located.В  In 1991, Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines.В  Days before the massive explosion, water around Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga was undrinkable due to sulfur contamination.В  Ash obscured sunlight which damaged crops and killed farm animals.

Years after the explosion, lahar or mudflow composed of pyroclastic material and water during the rainy season, caused the displacement of thousands of residents.В  Agriculture and farming was also at a standstill due to damage sustained by the eruption.В  What was once fertile and arable land became ash covered and deemed infertile destroying the livelihood of thousands of farmers around the region.

Mt. Pinatubo eruption coupled with Mt. Hudson in Chile reduced the amount of sunlight to reach the earth by 10%.В  It also accelerated the depletion of the Ozone layer.

Volcanic eruptions also have good effects.В  Decades after volcanic eruptions, soil which was once destroyed by ash actually become fertile once again because ash contain minerals which enrich the soil.В  Underground steams may also form which can be harnessed for energy.В  Copper and nickel can also be mined from volcanic rocks which are ejected during eruptions.В  Natural glass, sulfur and pumice also form during eruptions.