Making a Simple Green Community

A green community can and is a happy community. It can all be a possibility and really isn’t’ all that hard to accomplish in today’s modern world. When I was younger the idea of solar energy was a great one but we didn’t’ have the technology to make it worth the expensive to create the solar panels and the idea of using old used cooking oil to power diesel engines wasn’t even thought of. Now we have hybrid electric gas cars and quite a few trucks that now run on used vegetable oil.

All of these steps are ways that we can make a more green community. Building more energy efficient homes with more efficient appliances keeps not only the running cost of the equipment but lower the amounts of emissions that are emitted not only from the appliance but from the power plants were the electric it produced.

Less energy needed less coal and oil burned fewer pollutants filling the air making the air just a bit cleaner for you and me to breath and for the plants to grow in. all this is possible for our community to achieve. Now a day’s we have cell phones that are basically hand held computers.

If we put that kind of effort into making cheaper to produce solar panels for houses we can cut our energy consumption quite a bit, like the hybrid cars find a nice mix of solar power during the day and the coal power plants for night time.

We have all been sitting at a stop light with an 18 wheeler sitting next to us as it release out  a nice bit puff of black foul smelling smoke from the exhaust pipe.

A simple way to lower the pollutant emission of those huge diesel trucks is the looking into of alternative fuels like used cooking vegetables oil from deep fries. with all the McDonald’s  and other fast food restaurants that are out there collecting their used vegetable oil from their deep fryers along with the few house hold deep fryers would lessen the need for diesel fuel in freight trucks or even in the simple school bus that takes children to and from school.

Even if we are unable to get a 100% dependence on alternative fuels if we can even just get around 50% half of the cars and trucks in the United States alone would lessen the amount of pollutants in the air substantially.

Even if it turns out that global warming is real and we are the cause of it having that many vehicles releasing a significantly less pollutant will really help the planet and ourselves by lowering our dependence on foreign oil supplies.

When you support these type of idea in the community and have laws passed that will help bring ideas like this to life we will all have a more green eco friendly community in no time. Everyone can make a difference in the world it isn’t all that hard to do.