Go Green and Prevent Deforestation!

Deforestation is something that “we” humans are responsible for, it is the logging of trees in forested areas. Each day, trees are sold as a product are used, cleared used for grazing land by humans. Deforestation is largely unknown and there are no consequences amongst the people damaging the planet in this matter.

It has been known that forests disappear naturally by extensive climate change, fires, hurricanes or any other disturbances that are not caused by people. However, even when these horrible events occur, we never prevent them, nor do we help change what has been done. This topic has been the key focus for scientist to debate; it is a rising issue, which needs to be looked at more.

Amongst the many vastly growing forests, some like a jungle in Southern Mexico were burned for agriculture. Because we are doing this, and we are the ones responsible for this issue, we don’t stop. Every day we contribute to Global Warming, we are changing our water cycle among the planet, the removal of trees does not always increase the erosion rates of soil, and deforestation also results in declines in biodiversity. Forests support biodiversity, providing habitats for wildlife. However, these majestic jungles, forest, and land filled with so much biodiversity are being killed.

This unintelligent thing we have been doing for years has become a domino effect. We are the one’s doing this to our own land, therefore it ultimately has been contributing to Global Warming, our water, soil, and animal life. Soon scientist may say it’s too late to prevent something that has already been done.