Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

If you ever look around one day in the grocery store you will notice how many synthetically produced products there are in the world. Even if food such as fruits and vegetables have had contact with synthetically produced chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides.

While synthetically produced products have helped us greatly they have also hurt us as well. The DDT pesticide that was responsible for a major environmental impact and subsequently banned for agricultural use, along with plastics that will never biodegrade are just a couple of the many synthetic materials that helped us but in the long run will ruin the environment for future generations.

There is a simple yet effective way to help control this type of problem in your own house, just go organic. Organic living really isn’t all that hard a type of life style to get use to. You don’t have to jump right in it immediately and do a 180 in your lifestyle. You can slowly ease your way into organic living or at least take up a few habits of the organic life style.

Organic gardening is a good way to slide into the organic lifestyle. For those of you with gardens or wanting to start a garden in the house there are many ways to have an organic garden in your house. Using compost from your house which is just a pile of organic materials such as grass clippings, dog feces, and organic left over from meals left to rot and decompose into fertile soil. Or you can buy organic fertilizer from the store.

Cow manure is the most popular kind but they have it in granules you can spread over the garden and yard as well as liquid that can be spread used a hose. With an organic garden you don’t even have to worry about using synthetic pesticides on your organic garden. There are a few ways to prevent pest from attacking and eating your garden.

One good way to keep pests away as an organic pesticide is companion planting. What that does is it naturally reduces the amount of pests that are attracted to the plants.

A few examples of companion planting are cucumbers planted with beans, sunflowers, and corn. Or if you don’t want to companion plant then a simple mix of crushed onions or garlic in a spray water bottle with a bit of vegetable oil mixed in.

Spray the plants and it will stay on the plant and the pest when they land or if they are on the plants. That will kill them in a safe plant organic way. Just a simple way to start and maintain a little organic garden for yourself you can even save a little bit of money on buying vegetables from the market place.