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Advertising Rates.

Five advertising positions are available on Green Architecture News : Side Bars, SkyScrapers, Small Banners, Top Banner Ads and Bottom Banners. The ads appear in specifically selected issues and remain permanently available on our website in the archive. Instead of CPM or CRC rate charges, we charge a monthly flat-rate based size & positioning. This simplified method of accounting and billing makes the entire advertising process much easier. As a result, we can offer effective and targetted advertising at the incredibly low rates outlined below.

SIDEBAR AD (120 X 240) US $100.00 per month
SKYSCRAPER AD (120 X 600) US $300.00 per month
SMALL BANNER AD (450 X 90) US $300.00 per month
BOTTOM BANNER AD (730 X 90) US $350.00 per month
TOP BANNER AD (730 X 90) US $400.00 per month

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